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A Quick Update

28 Jun

I will be rewriting Another Pretty Nothing as part of Camp NaNoWriMo this year.  I think I can squeeze at least 20k words out of the plot that I’ve already come up with if I stretch it out and actually add some conversations and I know exactly where it’s supposed to go so I’m hopefully in good shape.  Wish me luck!


Happy NaNoeve!

1 Nov

Well, I am less than 4 hours away from beginning work on Promise Me Paradise. I’ve been reading over my outline trying to get into the mindset for Chapter One.

I am also sugarloading with left over Halloween candy. I’m at that awkward stage of my life where I’m too old to trick or treat but not old enough to have children to take trick or treating. So I ended up handing out candy to children at my mom’s house. My step-brother took over for me for a little while, but his costume was too scary for the little ones so I popped on a pair of koala ears and a Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt and took over.

I’ll admit to being really nervous right now about the novel and it’s not just the pile of candy I have eaten today. This is my first real NaNoWriMo, but it is not the first novel I’ve ever attempted. Nobody realizes that I’ve never done this before, though, which I guess is a good thing. I’ve done a lot of research and I’m working on a genre I’m incredibly familiar with and usually when I have problems it’s because I get stuck in the middle. BUT my outline is solid, my plans are laid, and I’m not a bad writer so why be scared?

You know, I actually asked for a Mentor in the Newbies subforum but nobody was interested — probably because I’m fairly highly organized and they didn’t want to get into that pile of crazy. Whatever, if this goes well I’ll mentor next year.

On Outlining

21 Oct

Well, I finally finished the outline for Promise Me Paradise. I am very excited about that.

Ridiculously excited, actually. Last night when I finished I told all my friends, ate some gummi candies, and then promptly became so exhausted from how happy I was that I fell asleep for 10 hours.

Yup, I’m old.

Either way, the cold light of day brought to mind something that I keep forgetting. Namely, that Promise Me Paradise is the second book in a series of three. I don’t have the others planned at all. See, when I first conceived of Promise Me Paradise, originally Josie was a much more radical flapper and Leo had some fairly severe post traumatic stress. As the other subplots and character arcs started building up, I noticed I had a lot of characterization I liked but that the plots they were going to be getting involved in didn’t always fit their characters.

Enter Sinjin and Sally. It suddenly hit me that I was writing two separate books, one about a flapper an a war vet with PTSD and one about a rum runner and an heiress. It was actually a perfect solution to all my problems. I had accidentally done the wrong math and had been doing time period research for two years earlier than I needed to set PMP. Problem solved — new book was set in 1923! An article about King Tut’s tomb caught my eye and suddenly it was set in Egypt. The problem is I still had a lot more work done on PMP than on new book, so when it came time to choose a novel for NaNoWriMo I flipped a coin and it came up tails, so PMP won the which-novel-am-I-doing-first award.

Here’s where things get a little sticky. See, I’d like to submit both books for publishing. I really like the work I’ve done on PMP but well, you can’t really publish the second in a series first. So this leaves me in the uncomfortable position of needing to scramble to plot out and outline the first book (which is tentatively titled The Madness in the Moonlight) so I can start it in January. Right now the entire book literally consists of character outlines for Sally and Sinjin, along with the entire plot summary being “boy meets girl…IN EGYPT.” But that’s okay, because I am a writer, damn it and this is what I do.

And for the record, the three book series is so far going to be:
The Madness in the Moonlight
Promise Me Paradise
Another Pretty Nothing

The heroine of APN is not even sort of created yet, but the hero is a character from PMP!