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A Quick Update

28 Jun

I will be rewriting Another Pretty Nothing as part of Camp NaNoWriMo this year.  I think I can squeeze at least 20k words out of the plot that I’ve already come up with if I stretch it out and actually add some conversations and I know exactly where it’s supposed to go so I’m hopefully in good shape.  Wish me luck!


Don’t Judge Me!

23 Jun

So I know I’ve been in the middle of total radio silence the last year or two.  The good news is I’m not dead!  I’ve been doing things that aren’t writing.  Like, you know, starting a new job, moving, getting the immigration ball rolling, and watching the entire run of Battlestar Galactica on Netflix.  I’ve been swamped!  But I want to be writing again.  My brain is itching.  I actually participated in Camp NaNoWriMo this spring, but I’m having trouble coming up with an outline for the book I want to be writing.  So I figured my first step should probably be blogging more often (and I don’t mean on Tumblr, although I am constantly on Tumblr so look me up at HooligansofScience if you are too!).

Honestly, the stories I’m feeling compelled to write lately aren’t in the Promise Me Paradise continuity, which is the continuity that I’m wanting to hit.  There are two stories I’m feeling inspired by:  One is Another Pretty Nothing, which is the short story I was pantsing for fun on here.  I really want to restart it to add more depth and conflict to the characters and their situation, because I think the whole “marriage of convenience” angle has a lot going for it.  Something I didn’t tell anyone when I started it is that I actually based it on real people.  Sort of.  One of my dearest friends lo these seven years is an ex boyfriend of mine.  We were really only involved for a few months when I was 20 and he was 22 (I thought he was SO grown up, you guys, it’s ridiculous) but that was long enough to decide that we were unequivocally wrong for each other in nearly every aspect that didn’t involve the ability to discuss Star Wars characters.  We’re amazing as friends and there’s always been a slight sexual chemistry, but neither one of us wants to risk me going to jail for manslaughter.  So it’s the story of what would have happened in an alternate universe where I was forced to marry him or live with whatever harpy my brother decided to marry (he has AWFUL taste in women) and the idea of two people who were poorly suited but ended up stuck together for all the wrong reasons who now have to figure out a way to make things work (and maybe even fall in love!) appeals to me.

The other one I’m wanting to work on isn’t quite as well developed an idea (well, it’s more developed but my scope is so wide that it’s less feasible at the moment) but it’s the story of a woman who is living as a man in pre-Revolution France.  She’s actually a French revolutionary.  The hero is minor nobility who dislikes the boy (the heroine) who’s been nosing around his sister.  She develops a crush on him and he eventually figures out her secret and they become involved, but the Revolution drives them apart.  She becomes disillusioned with Revolution itself once she sees that the Peasants are worse off and then the sister gets pregnant, so the heroine pretends to be the father so they can sneak off to the country for the wedding at her/his parents’ home.  Instead they sneak out of the country and flee to America after the hero and heroine reconcile.  It’s a lot darker than my other stories and a lot more in depth and I have absolutely no idea if I’m even skilled enough to do it yet.

So long story short, keep an eye out for maybe a few more sections of Another Pretty Nothing in the near future!